No Flour Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe

🐾 Peanut Butter Pup Delights 🐾

Greetings, fellow canine cuisine creators! Today, we're diving into the world of Peanut Butter No Flour Dog Treats – a recipe that will have your furry friend dancing like nobody's watching (except maybe a squirrel).

- 1 cup of rolled oats (because, let's face it, oats are the trendiest grains in the doggy foodie world)
- 1/2 cup of smooth, unsweetened, xylitol free - peanut butter (only the good stuff, please, your dog is a connoisseur)
- 1 ripe banana (for a touch of tropical elegance)
- 1 egg (a real binding agent and a cracking good friend)
- Optional: A handful of your pup's favorite toppings (bacon bits, carrot curls, or maybe even a dash of cheese for the adventurous)


1. Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C) and line your baking sheet with parchment paper. It's like rolling out the red carpet for your treats.

2. In a bowl, blend the rolled oats to a fine powder. This is your secret flour alternative, and it's doggone brilliant!

3. In another bowl, mash up that ripe banana until it's smooth as a puppy's belly. Add the peanut butter and egg to the banana mash, creating a creamy concoction.

4. Now, mix this banana-peanut butter dream with your oat flour until it's a dough as fabulous as your pup. If you're feeling fancy, throw in some of those optional toppings.

5. Roll up your sleeves, roll out the dough (about 1/4-inch thick), and let your inner artist shine with cookie cutters in whimsical shapes. (or use a pizza cutter and make into simple squares...they taste just as good square trust me)

6. Place your artistic masterpieces on the parchment paper-covered stage (or baking tray) and bake for 15-20 minutes, or until they achieve that golden, treat-worthy glow.

7. Cool these divine creations on a rack while you prepare the "paw-senting" ceremony.

And there you have it, dear doggy treat maestros! Peanut Butter Pup Delights that will leave your furball howling for an encore. Serve with love, and watch your pup's tail wag in rhythm with a happy tummy. 🐶🍌🥜🎉

Enjoy, and may your kitchen forever be filled with the joyous aroma of canine culinary adventures!


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