‎In Case You Were Wondering

In Case You Were Wondering

Are the Balms, Butters and Waxes Organic?

Absolutely 100% Organic! We only use the best of the best for our best friends.

The Paw/Nose Wax and Balm...Is it green?

Yup! We don't use artificial colouring...kelp green is awesome, why change it?

Why don't the Balms, Butters and Waxes smell pretty?

We don't use fragrances because pretty smells are pretty bad for dogs (which also makes our products safe for cats #justsayin)

Why so many ingredients?

Because our side kicks aka bestest friends forever simply deserve the best don't they?  

Is it tested on animals?

Never, we have plenty of human "guinea pigs" around here to test it out before our pack gets to try it out.

What about the dreaded parabens?

Ewe gross!  If it isn't good for their paws and safe if they sneak the occasional lick, then it isn't in there.