Collection: Dog Shampoo Bars & Moisturizing Dog Conditioner Bars

Our Collection of refined, opulent, great for the planet and your Dog Shampoo and Conditioning Bars are perfect for the most discerning dogs (and their owners).  Each hand crafted bar is made in small batches and all natural full of premium sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients along with sophisticated luxurious fragrances (no weird dog smells here).  Because it's not just who we are as a company its who we are as a family.

Our collection of dog soap helps with dog dandruff and is a great anti itch dog shampoo bar to moisturize dog skin and coat.  Perfect for the dog with sensitive skin or dog with allergies and the fact that our customers see a marked decrease in dog shedding is why our customers say ours are the best all natural dog shampoo bars on the market.

Hand Crafted in Small Bathes in Toronto, Canada.

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